Read What Our Clients Are Saying 

MHA completely turned around our practice into a profitable and well-run business. Mark Hamedi and his team have been with us for years and I cannot say enough about how well he has helped to organize the practice and guide us to make business decisions that will keep our practice successful in the future. I would highly recommend him to any medical practice.

Lisa Amsterdam MD

Rockhill Women’s Care

The number of private practice medical groups is decreasing in our country for many reasons. The number one reason is how very complicated it is to manage the practice effectively. The day MHA came to manage our practice, our lives changed dramatically for the better. MHA are specialists in the management of medical groups. They have done it successfully for 30 years. They handle everything from staffing, EHR implementation and maintenance, IT, compliance, negotiating insurance contracts, billing and collections and planning and dreaming for the future and then implementing those dreams! They bring certainty and polish to the practice and peace of mind to the physician owners. The income of every single physician in the group increased dramatically because of their vision, efficiency and knowledge.  There is not a single physician at RWC who is not grateful for the day we hired MHA to run our business, freeing us to focus only on providing our best medical care. Thank you MHA! 

Mara Galvin-Johnson MD

Rockhill Women’s Care

Having MHA as our partner in managing our practice allows our physicians to concentrate on practicing medicine. We retain the best part of owning our practice, which is making decisions about how we want to practice ophthalmology/optometry and the environment in which we want to work and see our patients. MHA handles the details of implementing and managing those plans. We get the benefit of their expertise in practice management, from handling all HR functions and overseeing/auditing financial procedures to managing vendors/contracts and advising us on expansion/practice development. We can utilize their staff who have expertise in different aspects of medical practice management (practice manager, CPA, IT, etc.) even though we would not need or be able to afford these personnel on a full-time basis. MHA provides us with both our day-to-day management needs as well as the big-picture oversight from Mark and his team. 

Caroline Chang MD

Heart of America Eye Care P.A.

When MHA took over the practice administration duties at Kansas City Allergy and Asthma Associates, they walked into significant chaos and disorder. KCAA had recently suffered at the hands of an incompetent practice administrator and he nearly wrecked what took 40 years to build. MHA entered the picture and saved the day in so many ways. They not only brought us back to our prior state of stability but helped us excel and reach levels of success that I didn’t know or feel were possible.  The decision that we made to turn over the reins to MHA was the best business decision that KCAA has ever made.

Derrick Ward MD

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Associates P.A.

MHA has been a stabilizing influence on our practice, streamlining our operations and making us more efficient. It has allowed our physicians to practice medicine while enabling us to be part of the decision-making process. MHA has partnered with us for us to continue to evolve into a more successful practice.

Mark Neustrom MD

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Associates P.A.

MHA truly cares about the success of your practice. They partner with you in building a successful business plan and have the staff and expertise to support your practice to make it happen. MHA enables me as the physician to just think about providing excellent care to my patients while they manage the business side. It’s hard to imagine how we functioned without their business expertise in the past. Physicians without a business degree would be well served to leave the business side of medicine to those who excel in business.  Daily, I am grateful for MHA as they have allowed me to continue my job of caring for patients and have worked to ensure my practice is successful in the long term.

Emily Bauer Holthus MD

The Women’s Health Care Group

In 2018, we were struggling to stay in private practice. Year after year, our overhead as a percentage of revenue kept climbing, our debt kept rising, organizational morale was suffering, turnover was high, and our compensation — already less than the 10th percentile for our specialty — was declining further. Our partnership with MHA began when we hired them to do a “practice physical” and analyze our business from top to bottom. The results of their analysis floored us. MHA quickly found over half-a-million dollars in potential improvement to our bottom line just by improving workflow, correcting duplication and process inefficiencies, eliminating unnecessary expenses and ongoing overpayments for services, and negotiating unfavorable contracts in place for years. Additionally, MHA found that our pay structure and staffing provided no incentive to increase revenues and grow the practice and recommended a complete overhaul. We unanimously voted to partner with MHA to manage our practice and guide us through these changes. Just over 2 years later, we are in a completely different place. Despite unexpected headwinds from the pandemic, our quality of life, compensation, morale, and financial health have improved immensely. Partnering with MHA has made all the difference. 

Mike Proffitt MD

The Women’s Health Care Group

Kidney Associates of Kansas City has enjoyed a long relationship with MHA. Mark is knowledgeable, proficient, and insightful. He has an excellent understanding of the private practice of medicine and has guided us successfully over the years. He has worked extremely well with our professional and office staff and has provided us with the practice infrastructure to be successful. I can recommend Mark and his associates without reservation. Associating with his group has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

Richard S. Muther MD

Kidney Associates of Kansas City

Since hiring MHA, our practice has improved not only financially but as colleagues as well. As physicians, we no longer have to monitor the daily business side of our private practice. I can now focus on medicine and patient care while we work with MHA to do what is best for the management of the group. It’s nice having the input and ability to make decisions without having to do the day-to-day tasks of running a business. Our morale among all staff has improved greatly!

Kelly Barikmo MD

The Women’s Health Care Group

MHA management consultants have been managing our practice at a very high level since 2019. With the retirement of our previous practice manager and the growth of our practice, we were in need of a high level and experienced operation. MHA consultants were highly recommended by numerous trusted sources. Since our group started working with them, we have certainly not been disappointed. MHA’s knowledge and experience in all facets of medical practice management have been instrumental in our practice’s continued success. 

Sam Taylon MD

Midwest Neurosurgery Associates

With the ever-changing healthcare environment and stress of trying to manage a practice with multiple partners, we were facing the stark reality of not remaining viable. Thankfully, we heard about MHA. Mark performed a comprehensive practice review and designed a detailed strategic practice plan to enhance not only our finances but improve our qualities of life. Since implementing the plan, I have been impressed with the progress and improved health of our practice. MHA offers guidance, knowledge, reassurance and has the resources to provide immediate results. I definitely would recommend MHA and am grateful that they are a part of our team.

Tony Moulton DO

The Women’s Health Care Group