Our Physician Clients

We manage 60+ specialty physician’s practices with over $54 million in annual collected revenue. Most of our clients earn in the 90+ percentile in their specialty. We currently manage practices specializing in fields such as allergy, neurosurgery,  ophthalmology, optometry, OB/GYN, podiatry, pediatric subspecialty care, colon-rectal surgery, and nephrology.

Running a Doctor's Office Can Be Puzzling
Kidney Associates of Kansas City

Since 1993 –

Richard S. Muther MD
Kelly Alford MD
William Peterson MD
Pranav Dalal MD
Ahmed Al-Absi MD
Mohammed Mohialdeen MD
Walter L. Bender MD, Emeritus
Tim Neufeld MD, Emeritus
Gerald Reid MD, Emeritus

Heart of America Eye Care

Since 2005 –

Brad Kwapiszeski MD
Laura Brammer OD
Jodi Carter MD
Brenda Edwards DO
Caroline Chang MD
Stephanie Erker OD
Amy Ciccio MD
Ginger Cline OD
Amy Gemperli MD

Colorectal Surgery Associates

Since 2008 –

Pierre Castera MD
Lina O’Brien MD
Ben Mizrahi MD
Jeremy Cravens MD
Darcy Shaw MD

Rockhill Women's Care

Since 2011 –

Lisa Amsterdam MD
Johanna Finkle MD
Cathanie Halberstad MD
Carla Pearman MD
Gene Vandenboom MD
Courtney Angell MD
Crystal Taylor MD
Mary E. Brulja DO
Susan Ezell DO
Julia C. Johnson MD
Mara Galvin MD, Emeritus

High Risk Pregnancy Center of Kansas City
Since 2015 –

George Lu MD

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Association
Since 2015 –

Mark Neustrom MD
Jim Sterner MD
Jeff Wald MD
Derrick Ward MD
William J. Lavery MD PhD
Brynn Everist MD

The Women's Healthcare Group

Since 2018 –

Kelly Barikmo MD
Emily Holthus MD
Timothy J. Martin MD
Tony Moulton DO
Kimberly Schlichter MD
Ellen Marie Hernly MD
Michael Proffitt MD, Emeritus

Midwest Neurosurgery Associates

Since 2019 –

Jonathan D. Chilton MD
Geoffrey L. Blatt MD
Peter Basta MD
William S. Rosenberg MD
Jayson A. Neil MD
Frances Hardaway MD
Samuel Taylon MD
Matt Pierson MD

Midwest Pediatric Specialists
Since 2020 –

Kurt Midyett MD
Eric Peters MD
Stephanie Paige MD
Eugene Tenorio MD